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At Dunes Adventures & Tours LLC, our emphasis is to deliver you with an assortment of car rental Oman solutions that best ensembles your requirements at the cost-effective rates we can find.

Self-driving in Oman is very easy with us as we have very eye-catching offers for those, who like to drive around the city or for the adventure travelers, who like to experience the Omani desert and Mountains.

All our cars are full insurance, new, air-conditioned and comfortable for long trips. Dunes adventures & Tours LLC offers an explicit free of charge traveling kit for the self-drivers, which enables them to explore the country and enjoy an impeccable Oman holiday. Dunes adventures & Tours LLC's car rental Oman services are custom designed for self-drivers and others alike, paving way for infinite entertainment round the clock.

Streets in Oman are very comfortable, clean and all sign boards are written in Arabic and English; this all enables the tourist to enjoy their trip. While driving on off-roads we advise you to take a GPS during the trip as it will be easy for you to find the tracks. All the cars we outline come entirely furnished with the state-of-the-art facilities and safety procedures that confirm your trips will be benign, expedient and comfortable. We pay dedicated attentions to customer delight with the supreme car hire Oman services.

Exceptionally reasonable yet dependable car hire Oman is now just a few clicks away at Dunes Adventures & Tours LLC!

Dunes Adventures & Tours offers following services for the self-drivers :

Free Mileage 250 Km per day.

Local drivers with excellent experience.

Escort via Oman/UAE /Yemen Border.

Local German/French/English guides are available.

Camping equipment.

Baby Seats

GPS facility

Eligibility :

Renter will be responsible for the vehicle, all traffic and municipal fines during the rental period.

Valid driving license, passport copy & credit card are required for all rentals.

Minimum drivers age 21 years old and there is no maximum age for rental

Local German/French/English guides are available.

Instructions for self drivers :

Driving in Oman is on the right hand side of the road.

Wearing the seatbelt is compulsory.

It is prohibited to use your mobile phone while driving.

Parking the vehicle in the wrong parking places will cause you problems and can result in heavier fines and penalties.

Car must be clean and smoking inside the rent a cars are not allowed.

The driving speed limit on main city roads and highways is between 80km/hr to 120km/hr.

In case of minor road accident, if the two parties agree, they can fill up the minor accident report themselves and approach the Car rental company and the insurance company directly instead of calling the police.

Always observe 'No Photography' signs (not allowed to take photos of military installations, embassies and at the boarder).

The self-driver is legally responsible if an animal is hit during daylight hours and will have to pay compensation to the owner of the animal (camels are very expensive). However, when it is dark the owner of the animal is responsible.

Drivers have to be careful while crossing the wadis during the rain time.

In case of accident, where injuries to people and/or damages to property are involved, or more than 2 vehicles are involved, then a police report must be issued on the spot and the vehicles should not be moved until the police arrives.

Roads are monitored by fixed and moveable radars.

Jumping a red light is a major traffic violation and can result in heavier fines and penalties.

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