Bird Watching trips in oman

Ingenious mountains, deserts and beach sceneries provides a tranquil, however vivid feel to any or all bird watching Oman holidays. This Arabian land boasts awe-inspiring stretches of beach, all endued with lenient, glistening sands, new-fangled breezes and cobalt waters, which confirm a comprehensive blend of birds at any period of the year.

Oman witnesses huge flights of migratory birds during their seasonal journey between their nesting habitats and the places where they spend winters, exclusively those birds migrating from Europe and East Asia. Taste the essence of true escapade with Oman bird watching holidays to come across an array of bird species. In Oman there are more than 400 species of birds, some of them are passage migrants, some are inhabitants and some are breeding visitors.

Explore birds Oman at diverse natural spots:

In Muscat, you can bird watch Steppe Eagles, Indian Rollers, Little Green Beaters, Yellow vented Bulbuls, Graceful Prinias and the Purple Sunbirds (can be seen at any time of the year)

Musandam, is the home of the Chukar, a member of the Partridge family

The eastern and central regions of Oman are a home for shorebirds: Herons, waders, Sandpipers and Plovers migrate here from their breeding grounds along the shores of the Arctic Ocean in northern Europe and Siberia migrates here. The Barr Al Hikman is renowned for its flocks of Greater Flamingo.

The Batinah plain stretching between the mountains of the Western Hajar and the Gulf of Oman from Muscat to the UAE border holds natural farmland which is dazzling to birds flying high during migrations.

There are some other imperative bird sites in this region: the offshore Sawadi islands have breeding Sooty Falcons in summer, and the Daymaniyat Islands in the Gulf of Oman have breeding Ospreys in winter and thousands of Bridled Terns and other tern species in summer.

  • 05 Days Muscat and Al Ansab Lagoons
    (Special package for Muscat and the North of Oman)

    Day 01: MUSCAT – AL QURUM
    Day 02: MUSCAT – AL AMERAT
    Day 03: MUSCAT – AL ANSAB
    Day 04: MUSCAT – SOHAR
    Day 05: MUSCAT - QURAYAT

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  • 09 Days North and South
    (Special package for the northern and southern regions of Oman)

    Day 01: MUSCAT – AL QURUM
    Day 02: MUSCAT – AL AMERAT
    Day 03: MUSCAT – AL ANSA
    Day 04: MUSCAT – SOHAR
    Day 05: MUSCAT – QURAYAT
    Day 06: MUSCAT – SUR
    Day 07: MUSCAT – SALALAH
    Day 09: SALALAH – Tawi A’ATEYR
    Day 10: SALALAH - MUSCAT

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  • 12 Days Seagull Package
    (studying birds for specialists covers all regions)

    Day 01: MUSCAT
    Day 02: MUSCAT - AL QURUM
    Day 03: MUSCAT – AL ANSAB
    Day 04: MUSCAT – AL AMERAT
    Day 05: MUSCAT - SOHAR
    Day 06: MUSCAT - SALALAH
    Day 07: SALALAH
    Day 11: SALALAH - DALKUT
    Day 12: SALALAH - MUSCAT

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